GTM Relay Power via POE?

Hello everyone I did see a post on here about keeping a relay online 24/7 using Power Over Ethernet (POE). So not sure if this would work but if I had used this:

Pretty much would plug one end into an USB plug with anywhere from 0.5-2.5a output and the other end, a small usb charging cable for the GTM and have a 24/7 repeater? It would be mounted on the roof using PVC, capped from top and bottom with a tiny vent hole.

But my question is, if it does work what kind of cable to use? Cat6 twisted pair sheilded?
Also what would the ideal USB output be? isnt there looses the longer the run? Im thinking of a small surge protected tap where the USB plugs into and roughly a 30 - 50 ft run of cable?

Thanks in advance!

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You can get ready made micro USB cables 10’ long (with standard USB connector on the the end), maybe longer. I used one to power up the stationary node here at home that’s not yet converted to solar power, where it reaches down to just inside the gable vent to plug into a wall wart inside the attic. I can plug a battery pack in for emergency power via the USB if its needed.

DC does get voltage drop over long distances, but this is relatively small potatoes. You can always run a slightly higher voltage if the drop does prove significant. Cat 5 or Cat 6 should work. I’d solder any connections and do my best to waterproof the splices. Ideally, make just one splice, at the end of your 10’ or whatever length micro USB you choose to be the donor cable to get the correct connector on the end.

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If you’re just using the Ethernet cable for power I’d go with Cat5 or lower. The higher the Cat number the more twists per foot you have. This equates to more wire and more voltage drop. If you have to add your own RJ45 ends I’d try to find a multi conductor cable that does not have a twisted wire construction.