goTenna Mesh and Blockchain: Potential Applications and Integrations


Stay tuned for our first official blockchain collaboration with the crew at Samourai

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Interesting approach by Filament. They are touting a Hardware + Software platform based on Blockchains to support industrial IoT applications.


I saw them last year but (like so many other whitepapers), found Filament’s to be all over the place, and I wasn’t able to get a clear sense of what they are about, nor what their secret sauce is over the typical IoT stuff.

The only mesh-related blockchain whitepaper I’ve personally found to be quite rigorous is Althea’s. They work on stationary wifi mesh networking (and we’ve discussed them here before). Very interestingly, they recently announced they’ve decided to not do a token — @rmyers can explain more as I know he’s digging into Althea some more right now.


@rmyers @danielagotenna why did the Althea team decide not to do a token after all? I’m curious to know (slash also happy that there’s more consideration into whether blockchain projects need to be tokenized)

Blockchain & goTenna Mesh

Actually, it looks like Althea is doing a token after all. They’re following a Token Curated Registry (TCR) model:

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@jmclarty see here! :slight_smile: