goTenna app - Android versions

Hi. I was hoping that goTenna app developers could chime in and help me figure some things out.

I know Android 4.3 is pretty old already, but I was curious if there are any technical limitations to supporting even older versions of Android, such as 4.0.4. Is there anything new that 4.1, 4.2, or 4.3 add that is required for the goTenna app to function?

I just received a Motorola Photon Q today that I was hoping I could make work with goTenna, but it can only go to 4.1.2 on stock software.


IIRC, the issue is that older versions don’t support the enhanced Bluetooth needed for the GTM to function with the app.

Yep. Another search online found that 4.3 adds BTLE libraries. It would’ve been nice if the changelog I found previously had mentioned that.

There’s probably no way to add it without doing a total Android update, is there?

I ended up installing LineageOS on the Photon.

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