Gotenna and pi zero


WHAT! I thought it was still just the v1 SDK, I didn’t even know the Mesh SDK was public yet (this is what happens when you go on vacation for a week and a half, haha). Are you using the Mesh SDK yet? What are you building??


Yes, I thought Mesh wasn’t out yet - also figured we’d hear about it here! Did you confirm?


well the repo says…“New Gotenna SDK with mesh support”… but I don’t know…


@Guy @femmesh, @Rahul_Subramany just told me that our git was updated with the Mesh SDK we just are waiting to get the new SDK landing page updated, which is why we hadn’t said anything yet (even I didn’t know, lol). Go wild! Mind starting a new thread on this topic (Mesh SDK) so we can continue there? :slight_smile:


heheh that’s what happens when you have users who are biting your hands off to get them and make us of them…Clearly shows you have a great product here.


I hear you about Beartooth. There’s nothing on their website to build a community or tech support around, and they didn’t deliver what they promised. On the other hand, I really bought Beartooth and goTenna to play with. If they end up being useful, so be it. At least goTenna is admitting range with the mesh units sucks. So thank god you can mesh them to get the range. What a twisted argument. At the end of the day, I have much more capability with amateur radio and APRS to do the same thing. It’s just that goTenna is more user friendly. What would be awesome is if you could mesh the V1 units because they have much better range. Well, I bet you can. But you need to use the SDK to write your own app and do it at the app layer. Just don’t tell the FCC because store-and-forward operations are not permitted on MURS, which is why they had to move to the 900 MHz band for mesh. The Pro looks interesting, but it’s very expensive. It also looks like a Part 90 radio based on the frequencies they specify. Part 90 licenses are about $300 unless you’re willing to operating illegally. BTW, your friends at DARPA are probably the same guys I know. While goTenna is probably a good product (still waiting for my mesh units, so I wouldn’t know), they are definitely fanboys. They literally gush over goTenna. I’m more of a defense in depth kind of radio guy not relying on a single radio solution.


Actually, Mesh units get about 20-40% better range than V1 units because Mesh has a much more electrically efficient antenna. Yeah, we were surprised too. :wink:

I’m a fangirl of the geniuses at DARPA too!


I am working with some people to bring event maps to gotenna and would be interested how we can share those maps with you so that users can access them, via topology?


Any luck with your pi?
I have a 45ft space ship art car project and want to put a pi with gotenna on it, hoping others have had success
we want to make a fake radar screen


Curious about the current state of connecting a device like a Pi to a Gotenna for sharing information? Has there been any progress with this or official plans, now that 5.0 is out?


I’m still waiting on the USB SDK since I don’t want run Android on the PI. It’s too Kludgy for what I want particularly with Androids crap BT capability.

I’ll gladly be a beta tester for the USB SDK!