goTenna and Briar

I started testing Briar app with a guy at battlemesh and then found more users at porcfest. It is a decentralized app offering text messages, groups, forums, and blogs. All data is encrypted and stored on each device. Data is by default sent over a wifi connection first (you can enable bluetooth first), then it will send over Tor network.

What wasn’t clear was if it was Wifi or Wifi Direct (it appears to be the former from my limited testing).

It seems to me having one app that can handle secure decentralized communications that also falls back onto available networks is a key feature lacking in the gotenna app. That is, I don’t like having so many apps for messaging. signal, telegram, gotenna, briar. I would drop telegram and signal for a decentralized app (at least on my more secure devices). Using one app that can work in nearly any environment over multiple networks, supports chats, groups, forums, blogs, then adds gotenna features such as maps and waypoints, would be the killer app for gotenna and me.

PS: @andrestaltz I’m interested also in the differences between briar and scuttlebutt, as there seem to be some similarities.


Please share links to all the different things you mentioned.

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Secure Scuttlebutt:

Battlemesh v11: