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Can Gotenna SDK parse RSS feeds?

Hi I was wondering if anyone has built a RSS feed reader on the SDK?

I have an device that gets news from a satellite. I’m encouraging the dev’s there to add an RSS feed on the (local, offline) web app.

If Gotenna could scrape and publish this RSS it would be another use case to encourage them to do it.

I assumed you’d use the RSS to feed audio? Unfortunately, there’s not enough bandwidth to transmit an audio signal on the mesh. You’re limited to a couple of hundred bytes (of text) per message.

No this would just be short headlines of news feeds.

The Othernet device provides this interface locally (click the blue block in top left once logged in) It represents the data it has collected via satellite.

It’s parts of the ‘news’ section I was thinking of feeding in.

OK, that could work so long as you are able to parse whatever is fed to the device for transmittal so that it stays within the message limits of the firmware. There is a limit to how many messages can be sent each minute that’s also worth considering (it’s 5, IIRC), but you may be able to to break longer text portions to fit within those parameters across multiple messages.

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