Battery Meter Percentage Update

I have two GTM paired to two iP5s and the battery meter percentage for both is not updating unless I power the unit down first. I am running App version 5.3.1 Build 125 and firmware 1.1.8. Is this how the battery level is suppose to work or should it be periodically updating without having to first turn off the unit?

The battery level should be reflected pretty much in real time if you query it.

That said, I have noticed the battery level being somewhat inexplicable on my iP 5 from time to time. Are your iPhone 5 updates also caught up? I don’t recall noticing the battery anomalies lately, so it’s possible this has been corrected and now I’m no longer noticing it?

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The new firmware did something to the battery reading. I’m on Android and noticed with the beta that the battery was off and the new firmware never fixed it.

I’ve also noticed the current battery level isn’t always immediately reflected in my app. The red LED will turn off because my goTenna is fully charged but the app will report a battery level that’s less than full. (I’m on iOS, by the way)

That may be a better way to put it. I know I had issues with my iP5, but didn’t notice any with my iP6. The iP6 is hooked up to power all the time in the truck since it’s set up as a stationary relay (even though it’s mobile.) I would not have noticed it failing to register a change since it’s always fully charged. The iP5 definitely had a problem with battery levels at first with the firmware upgrade, but it has resolved and seems to read accurately now.

Hi Guys,

This is a known issue. We’ve found a few work arounds the remedy the issue:

The battery percentage/SN/FW version does not change (triggered if the app is killed during the FW update)

  1. Restart the app
  2. Logout from the app
  3. If this does not help reinstall the app

We’ve also seen this issue reported for v1 goTenna. In that case, you should restart the goTenna app.