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Apple copying the Gotenna model?

Apple recently shelved a hardware update that’s a lot like the original Gotenna. No mesh from what I see but in the 900mhz spectrum like the mesh. That’s not to say they won’t bring it back at some point. It’s exciting to see that they are interested in the general off grid idea but disappointing they aren’t working with Gotenna on a mesh unit. It would be great if they implemented hardware and software compatible with our Gotenna mesh units. @danielagotenna it would be a cool partnership!

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That is interesting. Sounds like they were willing to reinvent the wheel in order to come up with new patented technology to make this work when there’s already a working mesh model out there.

It was rather quaint where one commenter argued that “…using other’s devices in a mesh network without their permission can be considered a breach of privacy…”

That just seems to miss the point of using mesh networks, which is to leverage the power of the commons to everyone’s benefit.

You’re too kind. That’s just plain old incorrect. It doesn’t interfere with privacy unless personal information is divulged. As long as it’s implemented properly that won’t happen. At least no more then a phone already does by broadcasting it’s MAC addresses constantly.

EDIT: The garbage people spew when they aren’t willing to protect their privacy in even the most basic fashion. I wonder if they use PGP for their email, use a hardware token, or keep their firmware on their router up to date? Are they using Alexa. Cortana, or Google home? Do they turn off WiFi and Bluetooth when they are out or do they use public WiFi with no VPN? I could go on for days! If they are worried about Privacy they shouldn’t even be buying an iPhone.


I’m sure they just patented things for the sake of patenting it. Like any other company, patents are property, with a value, it’s worth something if someone else wants to do it. I highly doubt they’d ever release any such peer to peer comm tech. It’s hard to control it, so it doesn’t really fit into Apple’s MO.

Okay, so I’ll admit I didn’t actually read the article before. Now I did. I guess I can see that maybe having been a thing, but only because Apple has been known to have disagreements with the cellular service providers and stuff that would cause them to want their own communications network.

In my opinion their brand has become stale and they’re looking for anything that might put them back on track.

Imagine the possibilities if this gets implemented once Apple is making their own chips. You would get an almost overnight (once they turn it on) world wide mesh network. Currently about 50% of people in the USA have iPhones so connectivity will not be a problem. Even if its just limited to iMessage (text, pictures, short voice clips) and lets say 10 hops, it would significantly change how people communicate. If mac desktop hardware had the same chip it could back-haul back onto the internet (at practically zero cost). There could be a setting so that if the iPhone is plugged-in AND connected to wifi then it would also act as a gateway to the internet.

As an Android user, if they implemented this correctly, I would never buy another android phone. Cellphone carriers would be essentially obsolete (who really talks on the phone nowadays anyway? :slightly_smiling_face:)

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Maybe, but if it’s going to “act as a gateway to the internet” Apple will either need to make some significant advances in mesh technology to handle the bandwidth of that sort of thing or it will need to depend on the internet and cell networks.

That might be mesh in some sense, but it won’t be mesh that operates truly independent of cell and internet networks like goTenna Mesh.

Then there’s the fact that many Apple use plans don’t allow it’s use as a “hot spot” which is how my wifes unlimited data plan is. She has plenty but there’s no way to share that bandwidth without paying extra.

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The gateway would just be to let iMessages through, not general internet access. I previsously mentioned the 10 hops for within the local mesh network so no different than goTenna.

If the iMessage recipient is withing 10 hops of the originator, then it gets sent though the mesh only. If one of the iphones has access to the internet then it checks to see if the recipient is online as well and forwards it on. Really no different than the gotenna with a plus subscription that integrates the connectivity of the mesh directly with imessage and leverages the more powerful CPU of the iphone.

Hotspot on the iphone is for sharing the cell data connection by acting as a local wifi router. This feature wouldnt be doing that. It is not sharing the data connection, it only offloads the (imessage) data to the internet if it has a wifi connection so as to not consume the data plan allotment.

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I love your enthusiasm but I think your expectations are a little high. 900mhz can’t support your vision(all by itself). We are already having issues with not enough spectrum at peak hours in certain urban areas with the larger licensed spectrums.

I suppose, but limiting it to just texting should be pretty doable. Its just gotenna with a few more hops and more importantly, massive established user base.

Given Apple’s tendency towards self-serving in adding and controlling apps, sure, anything’s possible with a horse of a different color – but I suspect that this leopard won’t be changing its spots.

Which is not to say it’s not technically possible, although I suspect that coming up with 10 hops will be a challenge, given goTenna isn’t there yet in the face of daunting technological challenges that I’m sure Apple isn’t immune to.