Aerocene Foundation - 100% solar powered aerial balloon mesh network

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This is great! Will you be filming it?

What is the minimum temperature you get to up there in the balloon? I ask because Mesh’s LiPo battery is designed to turn off at extreme temps:

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@Joaquin we’re happy to be supportive but I’m also interested in some of @femmesh’s smart questions around temperature constraints and whether you will be filming it? Attaching a goPro to any of these balloons or such?

@Joaquin We have a few questions to support this! Please let us know soon, we have limited time to help make this happen.

Will you be filming and are there temperature constraints?

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@anon62894636 Hi Virginia! Yes, we will be filming, some balloons have onboard RaspBerry Pi cameras that are accesible to the audience through a wi-fi network. There are no temperature constraints, as we will be flying tethered solar balloons at an approximate height of 300feet at MIT. Thanks!


Gosh, if 300 feet is the “golden hover height,” you could tether a drone to power on the ground, and let it “station keep” practically forever.

How did the balloon experiment go at MIT?