2018 Indy500 - Anyone?

I’ll be at the 500 this Sunday (May 27) with at least 2 and possibly 4 goTennas. Anyone interested in doing some range testing?

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I was there and made contact with a person that was behind the #59 pitstop which probably was no more than 100’ from me by the flag waver. I did see a shout from someone else earlier but saw no further responses. The crowds were insane that day!


That was me in both cases @aspexin … I was sorta hoping with that size crowd (the case every year) spread out across the 2.5 mile track, and the data congestion (also the case every year), we might see a few more mesh fans. It seems a perfect use case. Next year maybe!2018

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Yeah the crowd was insane. We’ll be back again next year. Both you and I were pretty low and close to the track. We’re debating trying to get a spot higher up in the stands to get more shade which would potentially put us higher up to relay too. But we’re not sure we’ll get an upgrade but will try. Would be interesting to see if we get more meshers at future races.