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WiFi's 900 MHz Future: Examining 802.11ad, 802.11ah HaLow (& Others)

I found that the WiFi standard has a 900Mhz option in the pipeline called 802.11ah/WiFi HaLow. It looks like they’re trying to start it for the IoT similar to Zigbee, but think of the possibilities! It could be predominantly limited to inside of the home, as most internet use is too heavy for 900MHz and the potential RF cage, but it’s interesting to think about. I think the main things to think about the small possibilities interference and inter-company mesh.


Wow, thanks for the update about advancements in wifi.

Here is another about the 802.11ax standard:

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900MHz for IoT… you mean like z-wave? :slight_smile:

I use several 900MHz Ubiquiti Wi-Fi devices to help punch through less-than-ideal RF paths - about 1.5 miles, between 5 and 15mbps throughput depending on time of year.