When new hardware? Current gotenna design makes it very hard to use for stable relay operation

There are a lot of guides available around but they’re mostly complex solution to simple hardware design flaws.

Access to internal antenna.
Remember last power state, (stay ON when power recover)
Fallback to relay mode when pairing is lost.
These are a few things that come to mind, I’m sure there are a lot more

Most users have a need to create permanent mesh but Gotenna was designed to connect 2-3 people in nature for a few hours.

Sorry, no can do, this is an FCC-imposed restriction for this class of licensees. The antenna must be permanently attached by the factory when sold to the consumer. After that, well, you have to get creative.

Yes, this is a hardware change that is needed. Until then, you’ve just got to keep the power on.

Whenever the goTenna Mesh is on and not sending messages for the paired unit, it will relay. It doesn’t need to be in Relay mode to do that.

I’d agree most users would benefit from a permanent local mesh, but the GTM works well even without a local network so long as users coordinate with each other to keep their GTMs powered on as they will relay even without permanent relays being available.