USB SDK for hardware integration


When this topic was previously dealt with at length, there was an initial hope a firmware update could solve it. It was later determined that a hardware change with the switch was needed to accomplish this.

I’m not sure you can reboot a GTM without cycling the power, which presents a bit of a Catch 22 if that’s the problem you’re trying to solve.

If the new SDK has some special mojo to overcome these obstacles, that would be great, but I suspect it won’t.


Exactly! My hope was there might be a warm reboot command to obviate cold power on. Fingers crossed.


Do you happen to know if there was ever a hw rev 3 yet?


There’s some fire people in California that really want to do exactly RPI with sensors and mesh for fire detection.


Not that I’m aware of. What’s needed to accomplish this remains pending. In the meantime, I’ve gotten pretty good at not letting the power go out.


The RPI is my V3. I want to incorporate a hardware mod based on the following using a RPI instead of Arduino.

That fits into the kinds of things I want to do. I was thinking about weather and home monitoring. Did they have any ideas on the sensors they want to use?


Hi Everyone
We’ll be making a formal announcement soon, but I wanted to give everyone here a heads up that the updated Android SDK and new Python SDK that supports a USB connection are now available on gitHub. As mentioned before, the iOS update should be available in January.

You can use your existing SDK token if you have one. Otherwise, if you need a token, visit to request one.

We look forward to seeing what you build…reach out to if you have any questions.



Looking at the sample code they have been paying attention to some of the things we want to do. I see starter code for the RPI and for a Gotenna gateway. I just saw this post today so I’m just now familiarizing myself with the documentation.

Thanks to the Gotenna Team!


It’s technically possible, as the Mesh self-reboots during firmware updates. Whether or not the command is available, ??


Hi @giqcass - wondering if you have had a chance to try out the gateway functionality in the USB-SDK?

I think it would be cool to integrate mesh into a python proxy server (like HTTP::Proxy) to create a system that can make REST API calls over the mesh. This wouldn’t be something for full web connectivity over mesh, but could allow accessing web APIs over mesh via an internet connected RPi running as a gateway.

Anyone else interested in something like this?