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True offgrid Mesh - WiFi web based mesh paired gotenna

Using say raspberry pi connect via Bluetooth/USB to gotenna and raspberry acts as server etc. Can then connect pi to larger Lan WiFi to serve others who do not have app. WiFi could act as distribution server for files to install (android only)

Piratebox Android raspberry was created Long before gotenna to allow for anonymous connections via WiFi and allows for anonymous chat. Message board and file savings.

I use similar system in mountainous terrain for events to share info. Screens and data via ubiquiti equipment with 10plus km links.

Using a web based WiFi system anyone can connect without apps. It’s amazing when people ask if WiFi is up in the middle of a forest to me. Others look confused.

WiFi hubs need to be implemented and maybe gotenna Mesh server should be created. To bridge networks and users phones.


This has my attention.

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Still limited to the range of WiFI for the handheld devices on its stock/default configuration though…

still if you could message and setup a gotenna to auto reply say coordinates for a geocache server that held PDFs, images, other vital information in case of disasters etc that could be EXTREMELY Helpful.
Setting up a 200-300m wifi is extremely easy to do with a raspberry pi server/piratebox to get information out for people and do a digital board with information that can be seen or that you can put up.

I do a message board wifi at events and get pretty good coverage with scrolling screencapture on a computer. I essentially 10 times a year simulate no network situations at offroad mountain events and instead of putting up flyers/info at one point, you just login, click INFO and goto PDFs of information for the event or view a live webcam. Combined with ubiquiti long range wifi and node/wireless points coverage is very wide. The public message board is easy however there are no easy solutions for 1-1 secure communications over long range. as for getting information out easily, gotenna does not do that.

goTenna has always been just messaging - low bandwidth, small packets. And was never meant to be used for sending photos, PDF’s and the like.

However, a Pi server that has goTenna on serial then parses the message and positioning data to some script could be helpful. But I don’t think the SDK will let you read goTenna App messages to a 3rd party one. Or just a custom SDK messaging app that your Pi server can read - then display messages and position on a map.

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Rachel is another Pi OS that would work for this It works on the pi Zero out of the box. It has a web interface for uploading/sharing files

I’d look at ESP32 based devices for lower power though. They can serve a webpage. It would be interesting to create a bridge between Disaster Radio nodes and Gotenna.They work on ESP32 devices and provide a web interface.

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I doubt you could integrate but i have not tried links. You can setup a Phone that has scripts that will auto type and press on the screen to send a message, sort of spam but on SHOUT mode send it every 30min or so with short instructions and GPS on where to get extended information via wifi nodes setup near gotenna nodes.

At my events i have a basestation that serves everything and then wifi bridges it across 5KM or so. we are testing a 18 KM link next across 3 ranges to bridge a cell link via WIFI as well as gotenna.