Strategically Deploying Relay Nodes

Hello, mesh believers! My primary question is how do I deploy relay mode nodes strategically in my town to provide coverage?

I have 3 units currently setup that span 1 mile (Unit A & C are one mile apart and Unit B is in the middle). Due to buildings in the environment though, Unit A nor Unit B connect with Unit C, therefore I need another point in the middle to assist with this which I’m working on. As a side note, the area that I’m really focusing on to cover is approximately 2 square miles (Latitude - Longitude: 43.073579,-70.760922)

That being said, how do you test for coverage effectively? It seems that if a person is walking around with a goTenna on them that a test (via Shout or 1 to 1) a message would go through, however, the next day when that person is not walking in their unit, the test would fail. I assume by doing a traditional 3-3-3 test would be the most effective, however, I’m hoping for something less burdensome or an approach others have found to resolve this.

That all said, I have a few extra units that I will be deploying in this area as well across the Seacoast Region of New Hampshire and I’m really excited, I only want to make sure that I’m doing this strategically as well as not dropping a significant investment by over-engineering my approach.