How To Test Relay Signal Distance?

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How can we, on a budget, test the distance a relay’s signal travels? I live in an area where there is water all around so totally flat, but then 2,000 foot peak at center of island. (already working on getting a Mesh at the top of a tower on the top of a peak–should be awesome range with that).

But how do we test in real world the signal strength. I’ve done it for years on the WiFi side, but not Mesh of course.

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The Ping feature allows you to check whether a Mesh device is within range.
You could keep increasing your distance from the tower till you find the maximum distance.

Note - Ping will Mesh through other devices that may be active in the near vicinity.


will ping show how many relay nodes were hit if ping doesn’t get to your contact?


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@kb1eea No, that is currently not supported.

This would be a nice feature to have in a future FW update. If another mesh unit was in the area with out us knowing and we pinged off it obtaining a greater distance, this would set false expectations.

Where do you find the ping function?

To ping, start a 1/1 chat. On iOS, tap the GID at the top of the message window. On Android, tap the three dot menu top right of the message window then select Ping. Or you can just type a single character and send that, the result is the same it just sends a message and confirms a response or not.

However keep in mind to ping another gotenna it must be connected to a phone.


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