Setting up a GID in a foreign country

Hi guys, I have a Malaysian phone number - I can’t seem to receive the verification code by SMS despite trying a few different phone numbers of different providers. Without that activation, I can’t start pairing my device? Any suggestions? Thanks!

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You don’t need to verify your number. You can select a random GID during setup.

EDIT: If you click phone you will see the option for random GID. Phone verification is only needed if you want to use Gotenna plus which I’m not sure is available in your region. In the picture I’m using Android but the IOS app should be similar.

Ah awesome! Totally missed that drop down box. I can’t seem to manually select the operating frequency ya? I want to select Singapore (nearest country), but it defaults to USA. Thanks!

Selection of country/zone of use frequencies and power is keyed to input of the phone number with proper country prefix. I don’t believe there’s a way to manually set it. I suspect if you go the random GID route it defaults to US configuration.

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@bbwr10coqsm is right. You will not be able to override operating frequencies.
Irrespective of whether you use a random GID or a phone number, if you are using goTenna Mesh in an unsupported region, the device will default to US frequencies and power level.

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To clarify: if your phone’s GPS detects you being in a country that we do not have certification for it will default to US/FCC settings. Your frequency/power settings have NOTHING to do with the phone number you choose — it’s all about your last detected GPS location. The last two posts above are both slightly incorrect, so just clarifying here how it works.

(And there is no way to manually set your frequencies; it’s all done automatically. So if you are in Malaysia today and defaulting to US/FCC settings, when you travel to Singapore, it’ll switch to Singapore settings because your GPS will know you’re there. That’s all!)


Thanks for the clarification, daniela, hard to spoof the GPS.

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It is possible to spoof in different ways. Most ways are “hard” but actually there are apps for that so it can be easy. Google mock location for informational purposes but I don’t recommend doing it. The default US settings will give you the best possible results unless there is an interference issue. Additionally it can cause havoc with certain services including possibly 911 / 999 emergency services.

Thank you for the informative replies. It’s helped me get started, and when the weather improves I might do some range testing.