Ranges on node map

I see on the node map some meshes say 2 mile range and some don’t indicate. when would it tell you what the range is . I checked mine and it does not display range.

You enter the range in the Notes that are optional to fill out. Log back into the map and you should be able to click on your node and enter the range along with other useful info about your node.

Note that range depends on a lot of things, so give your best estimate informed by how the node performs for you.

The best way to figure out your own range is to get another unit and drive around the area checking if it’s working to your fixed node from different places. Google earth pro is great for calculating the ranges once you put in all of the thumbtacks for the places you were able to talk to your node. There is a ruler tool in the toolbar.


You can also use http://www.heywhatsthat.com/ To estimate your range based on terrain and how high above the ground your gotenna mesh is located.

What does the purple and red mean? I understand it is trying to say that a radio in the red location could talk back to me and hear me at my station, but how high up at the other end does the radio have to be? Purple is immediate proximity. Red is far away, but the radios are all standard so does red mean intermittent and purple means all-the-time?