Prepping for Hurricane Lane in Hawaii

Are the devices supposed to be paired or unpaired to activate relay mode? Mine do nothing either way when I triple-click.

Please Help.

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Just to confirm have you updated the GTM to the latest firmware 5.0? Also by triple clicking you are trying to put the GTM into Relay mode correct? If yes, then the process is:

1-press and hold the power button to turn on the GTM like usual. The white LED comes on and starts flashing
2-press the power button three times in a row. LED flash three times
3-press the power button another three times to confirm Rely Mode. LED turns off

To confirm GTM is in Relay mode press the power button, LED will flash three times.

Hope this helps


Thanks. They were not udpated. I am manually updating each one right now.
Hawaii has a big hurricane headed this way, trying to get everything updated and ready before the storm.

Thanks Again,


Ok any further questions let the community know and someone will be glad to assist. Stay safe


Hopefully you have some battery packs you can charge up too. Stay safe!


Hurricane Lane can be tracked here:

Stay safe!