My idea for gotenna partnering with Uber, Lyft, & Limebike

‪@gotenna should partner with @lyft @uber & even bicycle ride share companies like @LimeBike to put #GotennaMesh in their cars, bikes, & scooters. #lyft #uber & #limebike could then use #gotenna API to integrate it into their apps. Then people can request a ride when there is no internet.

With limebikes they could then continue to track their bikes when their riders take them out of cellular coverage areas. They could also allow the rider to pair with the gotenna and communicate with their friends/family or even other riders.

‪#decentralize #imeshyou #inthemesh #meshnetwork @danielagotenna


That would be a huge expansion to the reliability of the mesh network.


Even at casinos people lose cellular coverage outside by the Uber/Lyft pickup.

Also cell411 offers ride-sharing and telegram LibreTaxi.

More rideshares

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Here’s another potential partner cell411

Hi, I am using Cell 411 to issue alerts while emergencies. It’s free.
Why don’t you check it out on your Phone.

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