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Matrix community chat

I was thinking about how nice it would be to have a more immediate method of chatting with y’all, and was wondering if anyone had any interest in joining some sort of hosted chat? I’d rather avoid slack and/or discord, since they’re centralized services and, well… that doesn’t seem like a great fit for the mesh. :wink: is a federated chat service. Anyone can join from various home-servers and use any client they’d like, but it still keeps persistent and searchable chat logs like slack and discord. Think of it like slack and email had a baby. You can connect from the host of your choice, but chat with anyone from any other host seamlessly.

My personal client of preference is Riot. In addition to having a much more understandable introduction to matrix than I gave above, they also recently introduced a “communities” feature like discord has, or like slack teams. If you’d be interested in joining, it’s as simple as:

  1. Sign up for an account
  2. Join the community

Oh, and @danielagotenna @anon62894636 & etc, I’d be happy to hand over admin roles for the community/rooms if you’d rather own this yourselves. For now I hope I’ve done an adequate job identifying this as an unofficial community.

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Big fan of Matrix & Riot but seems like crickets for interest here - raising my hand anyway!