Leaving goTenna Mesh in a hot car?

Would leaving a goTenna Mesh powered on in repeater mode in a hot car in the summer be a bad idea?

it won’t charge when the temp is greater the 100 deg. Hanging it in free air ie not laying on dashboard, works for me in nevada. It gets 150 +deg, Can’t image that it is a optimal condition.


Good to know, thank you. I’m in Iowa so I guess my “hot” summer isn’t really hot compared to yours!

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The Minimum/ Maximum operating temperatures are -4F and 140F, respectively. That said, you’d certainly want to be careful if you plan to keep one in a car, in the sun, for an extended period of time.

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You should be OK in Iowa except on the worst days. Max operating temp is 140 F and this is determined in large part by the battery chemistry. You’d have to go higher before you affect components of the radio itself. It’s not good to get in that range of temps, but it will keep working until it doesn’t…then in my experience, they revive. At least it seemed that way with a few of my rooftop stationary nodes recently. This may affect ultimate battery life, so cautions about it are a good idea.

I also keep one on the roof of our truck, but the truck is garaged when at home so its exposure to the heat is more limited.

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As MikeL points out… Based on teardown’s of the Gotenna… It contains a lithium ion battery. I’d highly suggest you YouTube Lithium Ion battery fire and make a decision from there. You can also Google lithium ion battery charging temperature and find the ideal conditions for these batteries. As there’s a upper and lower range.

I’ve seen a car fire that was deemed caused by a GPS left on the car’s dashboard. This was during a hot summer in the Northern VA / DC area. Also there were reports of EV’s (Nissan Leaf) showing battery degradation in the summer sun of Arizona.

Mine just went through a couple of 90+ F days with the car baking all day and it’s not showing any apparent issues. My car goTenna hangs from a coat hook, so while it is near the roof, it stays shaded.

If you want the battery to last, though, you’ll definitely want to find a way to keep it cool. I’m going to be researching this, too.