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This article posits that blockchain could succeed where “the sharing economy” failed – finally cutting out the middlemen, giving workers and consumers direct access to one another.

Nobody, however, seems to care how the middlemen feel about this.


We’ve been kicking this article around goTenna HQ recently:

It’s about the plan Finland has to change their school system by getting rid of individual school subjects! The idea is that the division of education into different subjects is an outdated relic from a bygone industrial era, and doesn’t prepare students well for the demands of the twenty-first century. As they say in the article:

The idea of this is to eliminate disengagement of students who have to sit through individual classes that they believe they will not need based on their future hopes and ambitions of a working future, but instead will apply those prior individual subjects to a specific topic of their choice, thereby still learning the same skills, but using them in a more productive way that is most beneficial to their individual learning.


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That’s the motorcycle guy, right ? Does he even know what cryptocurrency is ?


france has fungus that are bigger,


I’ve heard of the giant fungus in eastern Oregon, but don’t know about the one in France. Got any info on it?


I listened to this podcast yesterday while I was out running errands and it got me really excited.

I consume a lot of media about decentralization and “future-y stuff” – UBI, AI, privacy, ownership, automation, etc. – but I rarely come across anything that does such a good job of explaining how these ideas relate to one another. Definitely worth a listen!


Links are great but making it happen: Even better!


pre internet newspaper article, should be searchable factoid