Grey & White reply text

Maybe I missed this topic in my search, however, has anyone else noticed that the white text on grey replies are tough to read in daylight.

Am I missing some setting that might change that display color palette?


YES! PREACH.This is something we’ve been wanting to fix foreverrrrr, but it took us a while til we met/hired our disturbingly talented product designer @michaelryap who just joined this summer.

The good news is he’s been hard at work at new interfaces for our next app release in October which, among other things, will have an entirely new chat screen: with NO white-on-gray craziness. :wink:

I’ll let him tell you more…


After having mine and testing it out. I agree. It needs to be much easier to read in day and night under not ideal conditions and by people who might be stressed plus we need to think multi-generational usage (ie someone in their 60’s or 70’s doesn’t see as well as someone in their 20’s). That’s just life and one companies are having to deal with as the workforce which used to retire in 50’s and 60’s works into their 70’s now.



Hi @Firqby, my name is Michael. I lead design at goTenna. You’re right to call this out—the contrast of the existing treatment is too low to be considered usable. For redesigns moving forward, we’ll be following industry guidelines from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to ensure our apps meet minimum levels of accessibility. :eyes:



Hi @AMcL. My name is Michael and I lead design at goTenna. Thanks for this—I want the experiences we create to be usable for people of all ages! See my comment to @Firqby above, we’ll be following industry best practices to make it happen.


Hi Michael, Thank you. I followed your link to W3C guidelines for websites. I challenge you to go further than minimums of usability in ideal situations if we assume this product will be used in greater range of situations and environments. Not only contrast and color schemes, but also font size and least number of presses to get to the most critical or frequently used functions and features. Plus as intuitive as possible. This is a purpose built device. Please tailor to make it as useful and transparent as possible when facilitating communications between people.

Great example, my wife just loaded the app and went through the pairing process. When that was done I went and sent her a message. When I came back to where she was she said a message seemed to come in, but she doesn’t know where it is or what happened to it. I had to show her how to get to the main area and select chat to see it. Minor thing, but I thought telling.

Another time design choices may show up is in low light or dark conditions which will happen. Will the UI make it harder to see the messages or navigate UI in those conditions? Will there be a “night mode”? I am thinking of Search and Rescue teams or others who might use the app frequently at night.

Best of luck and I’ll keep spreading the good word.

Best regards,



I accept your challenge, @AMcL! Thanks for sharing the story about your wife’s experiencing and the pairing process. I’ll keep in it mind as we continue the redesign. And thanks for spreading the word!