Beta TxTenna demo movie


We continue to work on adding features to the TxTenna app. Right now we’re beta testing a version that enables your mesh connected phone to receive a confirmation when your bitcoin transaction has been received by a fullnode (it’s in the mempool) and another when it has been confirmed on the blockchain.

I put together a little movie that shows how it looks in action:

If anyone would like to become a TxTenna beta tester, please let me know.


Look at can we be beta testers for small transactions don’t want to do bitcoin trading ? Does it work for iota ??

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The TxTenna app is setup for the bitcoin (or bitcoin testnet) networks. To use a different blockchain you would need to create a fork of the app and add support.

If you don’t want to do put real bitcoin at risk, testing with testnet bitcoin is just as good.


@rmyers This is probably best suited for a new thread, but can you please share full release notes for the new txTenna app release? (Kind of messy to have them in twitter in 140 characters - hard to find later, and hard to suss out the nuance.)

With thanks!


How is it possible to hit the bitcoin network when GTM isn’t connected to the internet? I’m sure it has to, I just haven’t heard it explained before.

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@DataTechno TxTenna allows an off-grid phone with a goTenna Mesh to send a signed transaction over the mesh network to an online device (phone or computer) that will relay the transaction to the Bitcoin blockchain.

You’re right that it doesn’t make sense to just transfer a transaction on the mesh unless it eventually reaches the internet. The txTenna and txtenna-python projects can act as both offline senders and online relays for transactions.


Good point @mficiencies - I’ll work up a proper set of release notes.

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Here’s a longer version of what changed in the TxTenna App version 0.96:

Release Notes page