Arc 10W Solar Charger Kit

With silicone, you do need to keep it away from direct contact with electrical connections, as it tends to react with metals. Once the wiring is covered with electrical tape, liquid electrical tape, or heat shrink, the silicone can go over that safely.

I’ve had some very mixed success with the various outdoor tapes, including clear Gorilla Tape. They all seem to trap moisture in the connection. Not good.

I haven’t used it yet, but have some plans to this week, with some “Amazing Goop - Marine.” It’s makes a permanent bond, is UV resistant, flexes well, and can be used on metal, glass, fabric, and fiberglass.

Well … I ordered the pannel and the external battery. And the suction cups too. I’ll keep you informed.

Please rate this relay.
The first one in town, revision 1.
Elevation 22 meters (72 ft).

I can only mount the relay on the inside of the window, for the time being.

Thanks for your observations.


Looks good.

I would take a longer power cord and mount the GTM itself away from behind the panel. While the top part with the fractal antenna is peeking over the top of it, you’ll get better coverage if it had a clear view as much as possible.

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Yeah, I’d hang it off the bottom of the panel.

Thanks, I’ll move the gtm away from the pannel.

I also have one question: if gtm is set to work as a relay, is it enough to connect the phone to it in order to receive/transmit text (as in 1 to 1 call), or the gtm must be setup manually again and repaired with the phone?

Hope you understand the question … I feel I didn’ write it very clear.

Technically you can leave it off relay and it will still relay and allow you or anyone to connect to it. But will flash red/white all time so may need to cover led to prevent annoying flashes.

We never use relay on field device because you cannot find if you drop it. Bluetooth pairing you can track it easily.

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I noticed too the annoying red/white lights.
A piece of black adhesive tape will solve it.

The normal approach will be to enable the user to connect to gtm as he pleases. After disconnect, the gtm should work as a relay, until a/another user chooses to connect.

I tried to connect another two phones to gtm, with no success: samsung s2 mini snd iphone 6 s.

Is there any technical requirement sheet somewhere, to see the phones that can connect to gtm?

Only a samsung s7 works for now… and I have an old bb but never tried it.

Is there a list of compatible phones to connect to gtm? Thanks.

oh …

goTenna is compatible with Android 4.3 or higher
goTenna is compatible with iOS 10 or higher

Now it’s all clear. No Samsung S2, no Iphone 6s.

An iPhone 6s should work. I believe iOS 10 supports back to the iPhone 5s. I use mine with a 6th gen iPod Touch, which shares a processor with the iPhone 6.

The Galaxy S2 may be too old at this point, but an S3 will work, though. Android’s limitation is that 4.3 was the version that added Bluetooth-LE, required for the Mesh devices to talk to the phone.

It says something like the ios is up to date. But it isn’t ios 10, rather something lower. Maybe the update to ios 10 should be forced somehow.

But hey, … there’s no need to bother. I am the only user in the county. So…

Yes, it does, that’s the one I use primarily.

And how did you manage to update it to ios 10?

Things might be different outside the US, but we usually just go into Software Update and it will list one. You might need to use iTunes to update if the current software is too old. I had to do that with an iPad to go from iOS 9 to 13.

If you go into Settings, General, About, it should list the iOS version.

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