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Any issues taking goTenna Mesh through security checkpoints anywhere?

There will be no issue on this, as it is so small that it isn’t any concern. They are looking for explosives and guns, (of course a myriad of other things such as large quantities of liquids)


My recent trip to Puerto Rico and back I carried three Gotennas and a small drone on carry on and no one at security seemed to give it a second thought. I wouldn’t worry about taking them on flights. :slight_smile:


I literally just got back from 6 flights in 4 days (including international legs!) and took 20 goTenna Mesh in a bag in my carry-on and no one blinked :wink:


Has anyone taken a goTenna Mesh into China? I plan to use mine on an upcoming vacation, and a cruise which departs from China, but am not sure how these fall under Chinese customs regulations.
The following site lists “Radio transmitters, radio receivers, communication security equipments.” as items which must be declared. Do GTM’s fall under that category?

I would hate to have them confiscated.

Based on the Node Map, yes, multiple goTenna Mesh units have been taken to China. Technically, the GTM is a transmitter, but it also lacks features that would typically identify it as such.

You would probably find some guidance on this by checking with the Chinese embassy or consulate nearest you.

Confiscation is probably your best outcome. China has no problem arresting, detaining and torturing foreigners as spies. Personally, I would not take the chance. There are parts of the world where the governments want to control access and communication between people and China is one of those places.

Here is an example of how the penal system works in China.

I have a family member that regularly travels internationally (including China). They bring their gotenna mesh with them every time and they have never had a problem.

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I travel with my mesh to many countries too with no problems as I’m on the road internationally about 50% of my work time. But China is not one of them I will ever take it to. Likewise many Middle East countries neither because they regularly take down the Internet to prevent people from being able to communicate with each other.

But to each their own level of risk tolerance.