3D Printed Case for Meshies

I found a case that works for the gotenna mesh. It is on thingiverse. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:961949

I used Cura to double its size and convert the files to g-code. It slices the object and gives directions to the 3D printer.

Here is my LulzBot Taz 5. It took a little over 5 hours to print the case out of ABS plastic.


And the finished product


This is neat!
Have you considered adding a USB port and insulation to make the enclosure water tight?

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There is a flange on the cover that is a perfect fit inside the cavity of the box and will make a water tight fit with a small bead of silicone.

This box is so versatile… a water tight USB would be great, didn’t know there was such a thing! After searching they seem to run $25.

If I keep with the maker theme, I cound print the blue plate seen here and glue it on the cover:

Or add threads to the case I already printed and add a cap to the bottom or side:

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So I am going to try this without a battery. :crazy_face:


Stepdown DC to DC converter…

Do I need a diode to the solar panel or from the converter to the goTenna Mesh to make everyone play nicely?


Looking to make an adjustable solar panel mounting bracket. Found this for measurments:



I made a frame for the solar panel. 3M outdoor mounting tape will attach panel to the frame.

First test shows the panel a complete failure with .03 A output. The goTenna mesh flashed red as the capaciters discharge their voltage into the usb cable. I will hook up an osiliscope to verify V and A. :cry: