Mammoth Mountain (CA) ski areas - now fully Meshed!


Can we get some feedback on how the advanced hop increase beta testing is going? How were comms up there? 5/5? Cannot wait for 5.0 update to drop. <3


Without saying too much, the increased hop testing went well! You’ll be quite pleased with 5.0. I can’t wait to see what other users achieve after wide release.

Why isn't GoTenna working with SKi Areas, Mountain organizations?


Oh! Oh! We can’t wait! We can’t wait! This is almost as exciting as Christmas…and it’s sure a lot warmer behind this fence right now than it is when we’re waiting for Santa!


Any updates about this mesh for the new ski season???


It would be really awesome to get a mesh set up in the Jemez and/or Valles Caldera due West of Santa Fe, NM

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If you do get one setup, I’ve got relay setup in Arroyo Seco, above Taos, and I can see your mountains across the valley. Find me on the map where I have my GID posted and give me a ping.

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I would point out that it’s hanging on/near a metal railing which will affect it’s signal. While a good mounting place for the solar panel and it’s adjustable stand, not good for the goTenna.