How to send Photos and Binaries via goTenna

I have a Ham radio buddy who uses UUENCODE to convert binaries (mostly small photos) into text, which he can then send via packet radio. If the recipient un-encodes the text file sent over they can reconvert it to the original image.

I don’t know a whole lot about this, just remember seeing him do it and thought it could be used via goTennas. Has anyone tried this or know more about it?


There has been plenty of talk about this. It would be painfully slow. Check out some of the conversations on the topic.

EDIT: Better links

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Not per se. I have seen small image flies transferred via HF at like 1200 baud within a few seconds.

I’m not referring to files via Amateur radio as slow. I’m a Ham and I’ve dealt with pictures via radio. It really depends on the band and bandwidth. I’m saying it would be slow using the Gotenna mesh units. Mesh is complicated and ISM is a shared band. There are some common sense restrictions Gotenna has placed on the devices. As things progress some of those restrictions may be lifted or increased. For now transferring a picture using the Gotenna Mesh would be painfully slow. Gotenna speeds compared to dial up speeds look like broadband by comparison right now.

Gotcha. I’ll play around with it once I get a little more free time and see what kind of results I get.

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