How many of you are Amateur Radio operators?


APRS gotenna MESH is a great idea I am KB2UCE look for me on How to send txts to other APRS users??


I’d like to entertain the idea of setting up a long range link between goTenna mesh networks using Winlink via HF.


I’m thinking this would be a manual process during an emergency such as passing messages from one mesh to another. There would need to be a dedicated goTenna setup where people could send it a message.

Something like
Trying to contact GID (or phone number) 1234567890
Message: Hi mom were are ok, storms is over, currently at the Red Cross shelter

This would be sent to a “dedicated message node” in say Philadelphia. Then the HAM operator using Winlink over HF would send it to another HAM. That HAM would then place that message on his “dedicated message node” to service that area mesh in say California.

I love the goTenna Mesh units but with the relative low hop count and short range you will not be able to connect two large mesh networks together (Philly to Cali). I’d love to see a way to automate this so the Ham operator just has to make the HF connection. i.e. Having the goTenna messages queued up in his outbox. This would take some automation on both sides.



Paul MØTZO here.

Hoping to try mine at London MCM Comicon in May.

Silly question, can you pair more than 1 device to a single mesh?


Has anyone hosted a HAM meet up yet?


All of my children are hams and liked the hobby but find it cumbersome now that they are young adults. What gotenna does is simplify aged concepts and package it nicely for mass consumption without undue licensing and knowledge base issues. Plug and Play. There is no reason to build a robust mesh used only by hams - barrier to entry is too high and scope of use is limited. What Daniella and her brother have done is to package the concept nicely for mass adoption. The only thing they need to do now is market the product better. Understandably, that requires capital and time. Once they figure out a way to use this system as a means of crypto transfer or payment, capital will be no problem. Get Meshed!



Just signed on. What am I doing here? Good question; as I’m a newbie to this digital stuff.
Hell, I still use CW. Started that back in 48 (1948 that is). Anywho, what I need to do is adapt this thingamajig to be used with an external antenna, such as a collinear vertical. Being able to plug it directly into the antenna base will eliminate the coax loss. DC input source to keep the batt. charged is needed. That done, it will be elevated about 30ft(aprox) above the roof line.
That should give me good coverage in my area.
Stay tuned.
de.KXBill . .


Hi Bill,
I always thought of CW as digital. The original binary code. :sunglasses:


Funny thing. I typed 8 - ) , yet it drew the yellow one with shades.



It was, and is!

de.KXB . .


I have two fcc licenses and amature radio is one of them. I am an Extra class operator.
Hopefully the mesh network will not be inudated with loathsome contesters. Go Tenna is not a hobby radio service. Use it to communicate. Tip: Concentrate on the user on the other end.


Just an update to my previous post here. I’ve since upgraded to Extra class and changed my callsign from KB5UGD to AG5PE.




Hi Travis. I see that you haven’t added a Ham “badge”. Many haven’t. It doesn’t really matter, except it is an easy way to find the others in the GoTenna universe.
To do so go to badges for instructions. Basically, send the moderators a photo of your ticket.


Will definitely do that! Thanks for the tip!


I also have a ham radio license. KD0KDT from Des Moines, IA. I’m interested in emergency preparedness, first aid, and I’m a computer programmer as my day job. I think ham radio is cool. but I’m really excited about the prospect of enabling regular people with similar technology to the handhelds we use on a regular basis. I look forward to a day when the waves are so crowded with goTenna users that it’s hard to get a message through!


AJ6CD in San Diego, California


I’m a ham up here in Alaska. I’ve played around with APRS and Yaesu System Fusion. I really like the ease of use with Gotenna. I bought 4 to play with, fun stuff to play with.


I’m John from Southern California. My call sign is K6KD. I’m interested in different forms of communication, and, in particular, how MESH might relate to amateur radio.

I’m just learning about goTenna so I don’t have anything to contribute at this point. I just posted in the INTRODUCTION thread, so I won’t cross post here, but I did want to mention that I am an admin with several D-STAR reflectors including one that provides transcoding to DMR. More information in that thread, but all amateur radio operations are welcome to join us on our reflectors.



Ham operator in New Harmony, Utah. Bought 4 Gotenna Mesh and plan to hoist one up my 35 ft antenna mast. It will be on constant power with battery backup. I hope it gets used by others besides myself one day! I tested it briefly the other day and made a contact from 8 miles away.



KD9IXN - These were purchased form something else completely but the tinkerer in me has gone into overload! Looking forward to the future of mesh and HAM.


AF6IM here.


New to GoTenna. Still learning.

Put an AC powered.relay unit up
in SF CA just below base of Coit Tower. Line of sight to almost all the East Bay. Hope it gets used.