Heavy duty USB Charger for 6 devices

I have two of these J5 Create Quick chargers and they work really well. I’ve been testing them for a few months now. I have one at home and another for travel. They are dual voltage (100-240VAC) so they will work world wide (tested in Italy just this past week).


If you buy three or more mobile items you will get a good discount on them at best buy. (I got this charger and 3 lighting cables) I can charge all 8 of my goTenna’s at the same time (with a USB spliter) or any combination of Iphones, Ipads, battery packs, gotennas, etc

Great share! About how long did it take for it to charge your Mesh?

This charger has some real power behind it. I’ve charged my all of my heavy devices at the same time and it barely got warm. Battery pack, iPad Pro 10.5" (while using it), ipad mini, iphone 6+ and a few goTenna’s. Everything charged up very fast. It can handle 8+ amps.

based on my metered testing, they charge (when dead) at a max of 5v@0.3A (that’s point 3 amps, 0.3A)

  • GTM has a 2.1Ah/5v battery pack

5v*.3a= 1.5Ah will be replaced after 1h of charging [+/- temp, batteries age…etc]

-> So ,about 2h when depleted to fully charge the battery