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Gotenna use in Disneyland

I am going to Disneyland and have Sprint Service.If I don’t have service, how well does goantenna work at Disneyland? Anybody use it there?



haven’t tried it at D’land, but they worked quite well to keep connected outside cell service in the town of Elk, with me up at the diner, and the girls a couple hundred yards down the hill at the beach through tree cover.

others will likely chime in with more detail, but i suspect it will vary a bit depending where you are in the park, how many devices you’re working with, and how you’re scattered; the more open space, the better the range from one to the next, while inside of some of the attractions, not so much.

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Haven’t tried Disneyland, but took 4 units to Disney World the first week of Oct. 2019. My son and I carried ours around the Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Disney Studios. They work well in the outdoor areas of the parks. (We were both in the same park) We had some issues when I was in Space Mountain and he as in Pirates of the Caribbean rides, but we expected that. We sent a couple shoutouts and had zero responses, but we are use to that as we have found very few people use GoMesh in the populated areas. Disney World has great cell phone coverage from all the carriers and Disney WiFi works just as well when you’re waiting in line for the rides and shows. Which the family text back and forth on while at the parks. Hard to get anyone to use another communications system when the cell networks and WiFi work so well.

I brought the GoMesh units along just to see how well they would work (I carry them with us on most of our trips) inside and round the parks. We never saw one hop it was just our two units.

Since we have had our 4 GoMesh units we get the most use out of them when we are snowboarding at small resorts and when trail hiking in rural parts.


How do you know if it hopped or not? Is there such an indicator?

Yeah, where you get the green message reception confirmed flag, it’ll tell you how many nodes were used.

If, you’ve only ever texted direct to another person, you probably haven’t seen this, but it happens. :smiley:

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I took them to Disneyland and did not use them. The cell support for Sprint was excellent, But they did work pretty well on the first day of the trip.

It’s not unusual these days for cell providers to have adequate coverage for the everyday needs of amusement parks or the more peaky needs of sports venues. The sports complex at the local U plays host to a big COW (cell on wheels) truck.

I suspect the adequcy of such arrangements goes out the window when emergencies happen, like the failure of the new gondola tramway at Disney World recently. Nobody in real danger, but the mass of gawkers most holding a cellphone, is a recipe for a local cell meltdown as everyone takes pics and phones home and posts up on social media. And there are those scary outbreaks of gun violence.

You hope moments like those don’t happen while your family is enjoying their visit to the park, but that is also when goTenna Mesh really comes into its own by continuing to work when everything else starts melting down…

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While traveling I always leave 2 Gotenna mesh in relay mode. One in the hotel room window, and one in the car in the sunglasses holder or hanging from the rear view mirror.

Really helps extend local coverage everywhere I go. Also useful incase the cell network goes down.


Thank you Mike for letting me know. I think it’s a cool feature that it would Hop automatically without requiring us to do any additional steps.

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Yes, and it’s available whenever you have your goTenna Mesh on. If it’s on in either paired mode or in relay mode, it relays. People say it even relays just sitting there waiting to go into either mode with its light flashing when you initially power it up.

This is how the more people who have theirs with them and on, the stronger the mesh will be. Even if you’re just walking around with a GTM, it’s there to help serve others whenever you’re not using it to message.

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I never thought about that, how it can help others just by keeping it on.
Thank you for sharing Mike.