3D Printed goTenna Mesh Mounts and Enclosures


This biolite solarpanel 5+ does not support passthrough charging.


Hi Briann, was wondering if you were interested in selling those Gotenna fins. I don’t have a 3D printer, but would love one of those things.


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Current prototype design for a dual transmitter holder for the gotenna mesh and Sonnet.

This is designed to be extremely rugged and houses all the electronics in an off-the-shelf metal case.



I don’t think its worth shipping internationally for me personally but you’re welcome to have places like shape-ways print it for you. Any other USA based members are welcome to sell them AT COST.

Just be sure to remember the rail mount isn’t universal. You’ll have to print out an adapter to fit your vehicle and bolt to the fin using the original bolting pattern.

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Okay, great!
Thank you Briann, and great design by the way, very cool!


Here’s an updated Gotenna Mesh enclosure prototype.

Input ports will be for power and data (USB sdk).

Going for a “The Martian”/NASA look.

Enclosure is the anodized aluminum B2-080GD.


Looks great! I assume that’s the revised top faceplate? Is this designed for outdoor mounting as it is (i.e. waterproof)?


It will be waterproof. I only have the TPU 3D printing gasket material in black right now. I’ll need to get some in gray before I finish it off.

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Awesome! That and the nice clean design make for an impressive package. Someday soon this will make building mesh even simpler than it already is.

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Cool design, but I think the cables coming out of the top so close to the antenna will negatively affect antenna SWR and reduce performance. How about having the cables come out the side or bottom instead?

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Here’s an update to the previously designed enclosure.

I created an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) using a battery board for a raspberry pi.

The 3D print is looking a little rough (using PETG) so I’ll be switching back to PLA filament for the next prototype. Centre connector (4-pole) isn’t hooked up to anything yet but I’ll swap it out for a 2-pole once I have a chance to go shopping for some more. The UPS boards I’m using allows two USB outputs so I might as well have access to all of them.

Here it is all hooked up and ready to go in the enclosure.

Here it is all put together.

This is what it would look like wired up and powering a GoTenna in the other gold housing. In this photo there isn’t actually a gotenna in it yet as I haven’t added any external antennas.

Here it is charging a GoTenna…

and still charging a GoTenna after the power bank is removed.

Exploded view of the full assembly.


Updated the UPS design slightly.



Added pigtail connectors and an external on-off switch.

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I would buy a few from you.

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