San Francisco / Bay area

Hello from Russian Hill in SF. I setup a relay and apparently can reach Sausalito and Tiburon. My signal map is I think the Coit Tower relay is a great idea.

Wondering with all of these PG&E outages, if gotenna is working for anyone as intended when the cell towers go down.


Ping my Coit Tower relay. 4083067900 is the ID. Can you hit it? Should be a straight shot if you can see Coit Tower.


Is anyone hitting my relay located next to Coit Tower SF? Huge line of sight coverage. It’s always on.

I’ve tried from the roof of a 5-story building on 2nd near the ballpark, but so far no success. PM me for my UID if you (anyone really) want to try to ping me.

1 408 306 7900 is ID for COIT TOWER relay. Also my cell number. Text me if you succeed in pinging my relay.

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Installed another full time AC powered relay in SF today at Fishermans Wharf.
This together with my other relay at the base of Coit Tower should improve coverage.


Here’s the GID for the Fishermans Wharf relay. image

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Has ANYONE pinged my Coit Tower SF relay? It can see a huge swath from its lofty perch.

Looking for South Bay? I’m in Fremont :grinning:

Are you in Fremont?
I just got my first pair of GoTenna Mesh Devices.
I tested them yesterday and had good connectivity up to about a mile away from my house
Would like to find another Fremont GoTenna user to test with
Let me know what you think

Hey Trav,
I’m in Fremont.
Looking for other tri-city GoTenna Mesh users that I can run some tests with

I’m temporarily out of the area until covid has been lifted and I have my gotten a down at the moment. I hope to have it back up again soon.

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No Worries Trav,

I hope you are safe from COVID-19.

I wonder if you know anything about the stationary relays that are on the GoTenna map. I see one on Sunol Ridge (which is not far from my house, line-of-sight). It’s a very high place, good for radios.

It’s code is “zad5k6styo”

Anyway, when you get back in Fremont, send me a text here and we can talk about GoTenna Mesh.

Be safe my friend :grinning:


Hey Mark,
I just sent you an email to ask you about your GoTenna Mesh testing experiences.
73 DE KI6BEN :grinning:

Got two relays up in SF. One at Fishermans Wharf on a boat. Other atop Telegraph Hill next to the base of Coit Tower. Checked both last week. Three flashes confirms that they are operating in relay mode. The Coit Tower relay should cover a lot of territory. Line of sight is awesome.

I was unable to hit either from Oracle Park last night. I was at the top of the stadium, but deep in people and on the Cove side.

Both Coit Tower and Fishermans Wharf relays are operational. 3 blinks when I press the button. Not sure if they are helping. The Coit Tower relay has incredible line of sight. It’s on a rooftop right across the street from Coit Tower and at the same elevation as tower base. Highest rooftop on Telegraph Hill.

Were you trying to ping the relays that 377 put up? It looks like they are in “relay” mode, so you wouldn’t be able to ping them directly, just use them to relay your message to another node.

My Coit Tower relay is up. Hope it’s helping.