Purpose of imeshyou.com Categories?

How are we to use the categories? If something is tagged as emergency and one isn’t, I don’t see how I’d assess which one is available for use or for me to hike towards.

@Shawn_Adams I assume you are referring to these as categories:

Treat these as ‘for your information’ only. Mesh nodes that are always powered ON and can be used for relaying, will be tagged as ‘Stationary relay nodes’. You can use the filter feature on imeshyou.com to see these.

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Yes, I’m referring to the attached image.

You mentioned always-on nodes will be tagged as “stationary relay nodes” but that’s not one of the available options and requires someone to add that in as a custom category which will amount in a lack of standardization. Perhaps consider adding it as an option.

Still, I’m unclear what the purpose of the categories provide beyond knowing whether one is always on or sometimes on. If something is tagged as outdoors, is that supposed to infer it has a better range?

If something is travel should that mean it’s always on the go? But since this requires we update the location of the goTenna and I don’t believe the goTenna is autoupdating it’s location then it seems unlikely that someone will update the location every time they travel. I travel for work a lot myself and just don’t see myself updating it as I travel…perhaps others feel differently.

Private communications seems like it’s just saying “I have a goTenna but you can’t use it”…so then why have it as an option?

I think categories can be a useful thing but needs a little more design to make it useful which should first start in defining the business need it’s addressing which I’m not seeing conveyed.

No, it’s just meant to give you a sense of different use-cases. That’s all. It’s optional and you can choose to ignore them if they’re not interesting to you. It’s not a big deal :slight_smile: