Project MOAN: Mother of All Nodes

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Thanks. I was going to ask about that.


I paid for one back when this first was posted. Never got it.
Now what ?

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That’s odd! DM @anon62894636 and she’ll make it right and send you something extra to make up for whatever mixup may have occurred.


Serious testing is under way to really see the best way to attach an external antenna. Results to come ASAP and then I’ll build some MOAN units for people :metal:t2:

Just want to make sure it’s 100% before production!



What pins need to be switched to get the MMCX active?

Hey guys, I am new to this, is there a how-to in this feed somewhere or did I just miss it? Would love a how-to in order to get mine going. Thanks!


Welcome. @Johnstou The search button works. Try “Firefly” for a non invasive tweek, or “Teardown article” for my start . The first step is to void the warrenty.
Other than that it is all determined by your ability and desires.


@Johnstou Oh if you are talking about just starting to use your GoTenna, try the green thread, “Product feedback and support”.
Also, when one loads the app, there is some getting started stuff on it.

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Hey @whatamess05 how is this system working out for you?

Since we are close to getting the hardware mod as perfect as it can get this is what we are going to do with it…

Operation: Mesh Network Parallel (MNP)

Objective: To make an independent communications network using goTenna Mesh that covers most if not all of the Seattle area. This will be useful to all users especially in an emergency situation when other means of communication are nonoperational.

Plan: Place goTenna Mesh DASS-RS/MOAN units in strategic locations in and around the Seattle area to provide goTenna Mesh coverage to users. Locations include roof tops, com towers, hill tops etc.

Considerations: The Seattle area is topographically speaking difficult. This can be overcome by multiple node placements, use of high gain directional and omnidirectional antennas. Nodes will need to be maintained at certain intervals.

What’s needed from the Mesh community: Access to high areas (roof tops of condos, commercial buildings etc), involvement in testing of the network, donations of time and necessary equipment (extra Mesh units, antennas, unit enclosures etc).

SPECIAL THANKS TO: @Amon and @ShootAnyAngle


Mind posting this in the Seattle thread?

Already done! :slight_smile:

@gua742 thanks for asking! I really haven’t seen any drematic improvement with the external antenna. Its still operational and running as a relay, but pairing it to my iPhone with my Fiancé home, and driving all around the aerator hours on end only to gain a block more of signal than I had before. I’ve been studying topo maps of the area and using handheld GPS ( garmin etrex) to monitor elevations. Im admittedly disappointed, but hopefully I can figure something out. If something can be figured out, I do still plan to make 4 more and plant them around the area. Defiantly open to suggestion!

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Been doing some serious testing and there are a couple of different versions of hardware:

2016 version: Easy to hack, solder off the amp chip direct. No caps to deal with. The ground plane is small, does not circle the whole unit.

2017 V1: Have not figured out how to hack it perfectly yet. MMCX is NOT the way to go. No matter how I try I can’t get it to work, might be disabled at the firmware level.

2017 V2: Have not even tried it, seen pics of it but don’t have one in hand. This unit has the metal cage on the back.

This is subject to change, more testing needs to done to rule out mod error (bad soldering etc) but as of now (after four hours of testing) it seems I need to come up with a better way.

So far the 2016 hardware version I hacked works best, I need to get the **** on this. It’s holding up progress, and I thought this was going to be easy. @Rahul_Subramany @Jin_Gotenna bring back the 2016 hardware :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s a long shot, but the next time the board is rev’d how about adding a (ahem) ‘test point’ to the antenna feedline to make things less tricky. While asking, plated through holes? Cleverly arranged? I know, there’s no room and it might require recertification so not holding my breath. But it’s worth the inquiry!


I love this!

I am from Pittsburgh and I would love to get started on the same type of thing that you all are doing for Seattle. These networks could literally save lives or be a moment of relief hearing back from loved ones during an emergency.

I am following this closely and I may try to tinker using these posts as a guide. Or, if you ever decide to build these for others, I might just purchase one, so if you have a waiting list, please add me to it :slight_smile:


The MOAN has been offline for about a month now HOWEVER! It is back online with a new battery, put back in the old charge controller (the new one sucked!), and will up and running all spring and summer! I’ll have more pictures to come! :slight_smile:


Am I reading correctly that the newest versions of the goTenna mesh have hardware revisions that make it harder to build your own MOAN? That’s a bummer :frowning_face:

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Where did you read that at?