INTRODUCTIONS: Who are you & why are you here? :)


Right, of course… @Blockhead Try to create a thread over in the Hardware Mods category. Someone over there will probably be happy to help you fix your canine chew toy, er, I mean goTenna Mesh unit…


Hello, I’m Brian. I live in coastal NC and am looking to purchase a set very soon. I came here to learn a little bit to help me understand the ins and outs.


@bblaze Welcome. My folks lived in Raleigh and loved it. I bet the coastal area is even nicer! Get your Mesh units soon and join the fun! As for learning a little here, it’s like drinking from a fire hose. :rofl:


@henry_sheard I am definitely learning that a fire hose is the only hose around here. I dont even know where to ask the questions I have, but I’ll figure it out. And the coast is nice, but I prefer the mountains.


@bblaze Keep reading, and you will start to figure out the best places to start looking for answers to your questions, or where to post your questions. Keep in mind that the folks here are very patient and helpful!! And, good answer on the coast vs mountains – short beach trips are good, but long mountain trips are life!


I’m Monique, I was a GoTenna Mesh backer of 4 units. I’m in Toronto, Canada. I camp, travel in the US, Europe, and Africa and frequently with others in dead zone buildings so the GoTenna Mesh network just answers it all. 4 units cover me, my parents and a relay node on the balcony of my 19 floor apartment (that’s going up tomorrow).


Hi, TDevD, CTO of Samourai Wallet checking in. Just getting started with goTenna. Looking at ways of sending bitcoin transactions over the goTenna mesh network and will be checking in here with questions as things move forward. Ping me whenever on goTenna. Thanks.


Hi, I’m Neil and live in Little Rock, AR. I have both versions of the GoTenna. I do some outdoor things and thought this was an awesome toy to have. I am also in the Army National Guard and have been in places on post that have no signal! I hope that the Little Rock area gets some more users for better mesh coverage. I have a stationary node at my office, working on increasing its signal and working on another relay to stand up at the house. I am really looking forward to the things GoTenna not only has planned but what everyone’s uses are for them!


I’m Kerry and live in Annapolis, MD. My girlfriend and I are traveling to Litibu, Nayarit, Mexico next month and thought these would be most helpful if there is no available cell signal. Keeping fingers crossed that these will help!


My name is Daryl. I live in Arcata on the (real) northern California coast. I have just received four goTenna Mesh and am working on installing apps and maps, and learning the goTenna features. I want to see how goTenna relates to emergency response (CERT), kayaking, hiking, city life, and traveling. I’ll be testing out all I can and expect a steep learning curve. If you come to the area, let’s get together!


The real test…
Table Bluff to Slimey Slope.


Hi, my name is Richard and I backed the Kickstarter with 4 units. As the nearest shipping point I could get to was Australia, it took awhile for me to receive them units. I was planning to use them for travel, but I am also exploring how I can use one of the 4 units as a stationary relay from my home.

I am a technologist, always believing that engineers can solve all the world’s problems if the politicians can provide the funding and support to make it happen.


I’m Mike and I’m a mobile app developer for a large multi-national engineering company. I develop mobile data collection apps for construction, development, natural resource conservation, and other projects.

I’m primarily interested in integrating GoTenna equipment (Mesh and Pro) into our apps to facilitate crew communications when working outside of traditional network coverage areas. Primary motivators are facilitating real-time collaboration capabilities as well as crew safety.


Hi, I am Mathieu and I live in Fribourg, Switzerland.
I have zero expertise in radio/comms, but as an engineer I understand the physics behind it, the network scalability problems, etc… I find the idea of a robust, decentralised communication network fascinating and would like to experiment with it, support the community as best as I can.

There are not many relay nodes in Switzerland, (only four of them on!), so I have just added number five to the map!
I plan to use my other three while hiking, kayaking, and for daily life.
You guys have really created something special here!


Hi, I am Matt from Burke VA, USA. I know nothing! I read a book a while back where this group of survivors built a mesh network and they used it to communicate when all other forms of communication stopped working. I thought that sounded cool. I then saw an advert for goTenna Mesh somewhere and I purchased a 2 pack thinking I would include it in my moderate prepping plans for my wife and I to communicate with one another (I forced her to carry it in a ziplock in her handbag and I carry it in whatever jacket pocket I am wearing). There are not really very many relay nodes in the DMV, particularly Burke/Annandale/Springfield/Fairfax area, so I desperately want to erect a couple of relay nodes, but have to wait until I can get another 2 pack for under $100 so it is under my spending radar from my financial dictator, my wife :slight_smile:. If someone does read this I would love to be pointed to a thread, on this community, that can inform me on the minimum requirements for building a solar relay node. I have just purchased 2 8000 mAh solar chargers in preparation but have no clue if these will even work. Thanks and love this community and reading what everyone is doing.


Welcome. The search here works pretty well. At the top Rt. The string “Solar Power” gets some of the best threads. Have fun.


@Mattybme Welcome! I’m in Fairfax and have yet to make it over to the Cool part of town where they have a couple nodes set up. I just picked up a few more devices to try to place them, well, SOMEwhere useful around here. Just because there are only a few nodes up around this part of NOVA so far doesn’t mean that there won’t one day be a wealth of them beebopping around these hoods! Help us to drive that dream!


Hi all! Excited to have received my Nodes yesterday and after a nice overnight charge, they’re blinking happily. I plan to use them in the city mostly, which is why Mesh is so attractive. I’m an Amateur Radio license holder and active in emergency communications. Yay sunspots! Looking forward to connecting with other users in the Brooklyn, NY area.


Hi. Naomi in Chicago. I have family in Puerto Rico, and I appreciate what you have done on my island, so I figured I’d support the effort. I’m not tech savvy at all! but once I get this thing figured out, I plan on setting a node up as a relay unless we’re camping. Once the mesh gets stronger in my area, I will send a unit to school with my oldest for emergency communications.


Hi, I am David from Southern California and I am getting ready to purchase my first set of Gotenna Mesh units. Actually I gonna be buying close to 20 of them for me and a group of friends. I am hoping to build and put together two MOAN’s to help the network in my area. I have a large hill with a 70ft tree in my back yard and I work on boats and have a customer who has agreed to put one on the top of his 60’ mast. I’m truly excited about the potential of this technology and the decentralized nature of it. I am looking forward to help being apart of this movement!