Export map pin?

Is it possible to export a map pin?

On the main menu, go to Location. You should see a vertical row of three dots on the top right of the menu bar. Tap that and you get another menu bar directly beneath the first, which shows My Pins in the middle. Tap it and you get the pin list you have. At the right side of the second menu bar is Settings. Tap it and you get the Map Settings. The second item on this menu is Saved Pins. Tap Share Pin for the pin you’d like to share. This will take you to your Contact List and let’s you start a New Chat via the mesh. If you have the SMS relay set up, you can send it to someone who is not on the mesh and export it that way. HTH


Strictly speaking, there’s no way to export a pin, but as @MikeL describes they can be shared. Can you share more about how you’d like to export?

Hey Mike,

Thanks for that work-around. I was thinking specifically if you get a pin in the GoTenna App, if you could click on it to open it in Maps (or whatever), and navigate from there… just a “would be nice” sort of thing is all.

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Thanks for the feedback…we’ll keep this in mind for a future release.

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