Appeal to DMV area users


Any more Burke/Fairfax/Annandale/Springfield peeps online yet, with nodes?

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Anyone in the Hanover, Mayland area got a relay up and running? Or thinking about it?


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Hey all - just wanted to join in the conversation. I’m in the DMV area and have one stationary node in the Falls Church area and another in downtown Washington DC. I’ve tried many times to “shout” from various locations but in several months so far I’ve never gotten a reply. But looking at the map I’m happy to see the number of nodes has been steadily increasing.


Just added a stationary node in alexandria

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I’m interested in furthering this DMV mesh.

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Took advantage of 40% mesh sale and will be setting up relay soon in Silver Spring near Forest Glen Metro, have some pretty good height being on the top floor, so we will see!

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Where was the 40% Sale?


OK – Broke the unit out of the case. CAREFULLY jumped C50 with a coax pig tail and cut fractal antenna trace. I Had to use some tin snips to cut back the tin shield over the circuitry but wasn’t too difficult. Used some hot glue to secure coax jumper and used some heat shrink tubing on the unit.
I used an armored “goose neck” 4 Ft jumper coax to route the antenna outside my apartment window. Antenna is a basic ¼ wave vertical with a “coffee can” spider ground plane. I used some duct putty to secure the rigid coax to the window ledge. I have some antenna’s on order, this one should be just temporary.

The antenna view you can see the Washington Monument. Testing tomorrow!


@ flhtsteve
Where was the 40% Sale?

I got mine for 40% off on Amazon around black friday